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To solo: The minimum age to fly solo (alone) in a glider is 14 years old. It is not uncommon for kids to take lessons before turning 14, and then solo on their 14th birthday. The average student requires between 30 and 50 flights to solo. Flights usually last about 20 to 30 minutes each and are accompanied by about the same amount of ground instruction (usually given during pre-flight prep and/or walking the wing back to the line).


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Private Pilot's Glider License:  A license permits you to take passengers. The minimum age for a glider license is 16 years old. You must also satisfy the following requirents:

1. Take lessons to solo;
2. Have 2 hours of solo flight time, including 10 solo glider flights launched by aero tow;
3. Pass the FAA Private Glider Pilot written examination;
4. Take a recommendation ride with your instructor (CFIG);
5. Schedule and take a check ride with an FAA Designated Examiner.



Add-on rating for powered pilots: For those who are licensed as private power pilots, a private glider rating may be added by:

1. Taking the number of lessons necessary to solo;
2. Make 10 solo glider flights, logging a total of 3 hours PIC time (instruction, while PIC, and solo combined);
3. Take a recommendation ride with a CFIG;
4. Schedule and take a check ride with an FAA Designated Examiner.

No written examination is required.




Ground School: The FAA requires that all applicants for written examinations take either ground school or "approved home study". To satisfy this requirement and to assist our students in gaining a firm foundation in the fundementals of soaring, we offer a complete line of books and personalized instruction.

There are also computer-based testing tools that work well in preparing students for the FAA written test. Formal ground schools are organized and delivered locally by Bob Wander several times a year. I post these dates on my on-line calendar, as well as send out notifications to pilots in my Contacts folder. Ask to be included if you are interested in attending one of these!

The picture to the left is your CFIG giving spin training to his youngest student yet.

The cost of training is a frequent question, and one that varies with a student's pace of learning. I prepared a page that deals with the various costs involved and plugged in a sample student and associated costs.

How much does it cost? Click Here.