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(Here is a straight-forward cut-n-paste of Groupon reviews. None were added or deleted or edited. Living Social and Groupon do not make customer feedback accessible to the public or I would just provide a link! There are many more, but you get the idea. ~Don)

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! Did I mention it was awesome! You can add to that amazing! If you even kind of like to fly or if you find flying fascinating, then you need to do this!
THIS is what flying is all about, you are working with all the natural forces that nature gave us. Both spectacular and educational. Highly recommended!","Thumbs Up","10/29/2012"

"This is my second time and they are great and the experiance is was amazing. I plan on doing it again. Kevin","Thumbs Up","10/29/2012"

"Wonderful adventure!","Thumbs Up","10/13/2012"

"Awesome!!! Thanks for making this experience affordable! I can't stop raving about it. The only downside was that my dvd stopped recording too soon which missed the thrilling landing :( ","Thumbs Up","10/10/2012"

"Great ride FOR THE PRICE...had a ball.  Thanks Don!","Thumbs Up","10/05/2012"

"Don, the owner and pilot/instructor, was very pleasant and extremely clear in his explanations and instructions. Great time in the air! Thanks.","Thumbs Up","10/04/2012"

"I had a blast flying in the glider!","Thumbs Up","10/01/2012"

"Don has a real passion for gliding. I really enjoyed the flight with him.","Thumbs Up","10/01/2012"

"Loved it!  Wonderful family business.  It was SO much fun!  I'll be back.","Thumbs Up","10/01/2012"

"Great family. So much fun ","Thumbs Up","10/01/2012"

"Don is great at giving you all the information you could possibly need to feel prepared and safe.  And though it's clear he takes safety very very seriously, he also has this delightful light touch in the way he teaches and guides you to have a great first flight.  I brought back brochures to share with friends, I loved it so much.","Thumbs Up","09/30/2012"

"The people there were very welcoming and fun. It was a wonderful experience. I will definitely recommend this to friends for gifts, it was really cool! ","Thumbs Up","09/30/2012"

"The owner Don was was a great time!,,,,,
","Thumbs Up","09/24/2012"

"Don the owner is so nice and made the glider ride amazing.  We are planning to go back for another ride.","Thumbs Up","09/23/2012"

"Exceeded expectations.","Thumbs Up","09/22/2012"

"It was AWESOME!","Thumbs Up","09/22/2012"

"It was fantastic!!","Thumbs Up","09/22/2012"

"It was AMAZING!","Thumbs Up","09/21/2012"

"The ride was GREAT FUN! I am an experienced pilot but had never flown in a glider. Where have I been??!! Don seemed to be enjoying it as much as I and that added to the fun. Very highly recommended! Bill B","Thumbs Up","09/21/2012"

"Everyone, age & physical condition notwithstanding, must experience  soaring. The friendliness, ability & enthusiasm of the pilot/owner made this even better.","Thumbs Up","09/14/2012"

"It was an amazing experience.  Very easy to use the living social deal, and the company was very friendly.","Thumbs Up","09/11/2012"

"Awesome!!! ","Thumbs Up","09/06/2012"

"This was easily the funnest experience of my life.  Everyone should try gliding!  All of my friends saw my videos and pics and they are supremely jealous!","Thumbs Up","09/05/2012"

"The instructor/pilot Don was outstanding!!!  He lets you do as much or as little of the flying as you want.  I also really appreciated the basic lesson/concepts that he talked about with me involving flying a glider.  A great time!!!!!!","Thumbs Up","09/04/2012"

"Very fun experience! Staff were excellent and great customer service!!","Thumbs Up","09/03/2012"

"It was amazing!","Thumbs Up","08/27/2012"

"It was a beautiful flight on a beautiful after noon.","Thumbs Up","08/24/2012"

"Great experience and Don & his team were awesome.  Would 'highly' recommend.","Thumbs Up","08/13/2012"

"This is the most awesome experience, it definitely should be on many people's 'bucket list'!  This offer makes it affordable for those of us who can't afford aviation as a hobby!","Thumbs Up","08/13/2012"

"Just a wonderful experience...very peaceful and invigorating at the same time.","Thumbs Up","08/04/2012"

"An absolutely amazing experience!","Thumbs Up","07/30/2012"

"flight was amazing  - Don was great.","Thumbs Up","07/30/2012"

"The most fun I've ever had!  Didn't even know this sport existed - thanks to Living Social for sending it across my smartphone!  Two Thumbs waaaaayyyyy up! :)"

"Thumbs Up","07/29/2012"

"The owner Don is very open and enthusiastic about gliding.  He made the experience even better than expected. I learned a lot and felt totally comfortable. I will return.","Thumbs Up","07/28/2012"

"Don, the owner was great and the ride was fantastic!  Think my husband is now hooked on soaring.  ","Thumbs Up","07/24/2012"

"Great experience!","Thumbs Up","07/22/2012"

"Fantastic time! Don is a terrific pilot, instructor, and businessman. He  made the whole gliding adventure memorable for both my brother and myself. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in gliding.","Thumbs Up","07/21/2012"

"Absolutely extraordinary. The people we're friendly and customer-focused, and the flight was breathtaking.  Add this to your bucket list. ","Thumbs Up","07/09/2012"

"Way fun!! ","Thumbs Up","07/06/2012"

"Don and crew were very accommodating. It was fun for all nine of us","Thumbs Up","07/05/2012"

"Easy online scheduling. Kid friendly place to hang out while my husband  was up in the glider. He loved it!!","Thumbs Up","07/03/2012"

"Fullfilled a life long dream.  Would like to do it again and try it with a parachute so that we could do barrel rolls and an inverted dive.  Woohoo!","Thumbs Up","07/02/2012"

"Don was fantastic in both being a pilot and a enthusiast of soaring.  It was a great thill and very enjoyable.  I will definitely start taking soaring lessons.  Thanks for the 1 hour mile high flight via Living Social!!!","Thumbs Up","07/01/2012"

"It was awesome!","Thumbs Up","06/09/2012"

"This was a great experience. Don was a great person to go into the air with. Two adults and two kids (6 & 9) took the mile high ride in our group and everyone loved it. He tailored the ride to each persons ability to deal with twists and turns and ups and downs. ","Thumbs Up","06/04/2012"

"Fantastic flight and service. Highly recommended!","Thumbs Up","07/05/2012"

"This was a great experience and I'd do it again.","Thumbs Up","06/01/2012"

"Don Ingram is a FANTASTIC pilot and a great guy. My husband said he had the MOST AWESOME time!! Hope he can go again!","Thumbs Up","05/31/2012"

"Amazing experience, a must have for everyone!  ","Thumbs Up","05/14/2012"

"Don Ingraham does an outstanding job of giving you a great experience. ","Thumbs Up","04/23/2012"