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No Risk.


After you have selected your ride below and entered your credit card information, please send me an e-mail with the name of the recipient as you would like it to appear on the certificate. If you would like me to mail it directly to the recipient, please include their address! Also - you can pay with any credit card OR Paypal. The way the options appear, it looks like only Paypal is accepted.

They will love this gift. I'd like to offer a money-back guarantee saying this will be the most fun they have had in many, many, years. Judging by the ride reactions we get, it would be a pretty safe bet. But alas, that could get complicated. If you change your mind after buying though, I will guarantee your pre-ride money back for any reason whatsoever. I'll hold on to a $5 printing/handling/postage fee, and promptly refund the rest. Deal? Deal.


Click here to purchase a Gift Certificate for the 3000 FT RIDE. This ride lasts about 20 minutes. It's a nice introduction to the elements of soaring, and is high enough for an excursion over the neighboring town of Faribault. The ride customer can take the stick for a short time if they like and see what it's like to fly like a bird.   $175.00


Click here to purchase a Gift Certificate for the 4000 FT RIDE. This ride lasts about 30 minutes. It's a little higher and a little longer than the 3000ft ride, with a little nicer view of the farms and fields of southern Minnesota. There's a bit more time for fun maneuvers, sightseeing, or instruction.  $210.00


Click here to purchase a Gift Certificate for the Mile High Ride (5280ft). This ride lasts about 40 minutes. It's hard to describe the view from a mile up, but it is gorgeous. We can cruise miles in any direction from this altitude and there's lots of time for you to take the controls and soar if you are so inclined. This is the most popular. $245.00


This button allows customers to enter any dollar amount. Use this button to pay for multiple rides (just add up the individual amounts and pay once here) or for students/pilots to pay for tow fees, glider rental, instruction and books. Once you complete your payment, I will contact you via email if I need more information about your purchase. Feel free to email me by clicking on the "Contact Us" page. I usually reply the same day. Thanks!